active monitoring

You can assist by volunteering in a number of ways.

As we establish GMR we are discovering that we need people to assist us. A website “manager” is needed, we will need someone to assist with the data entry of the monitoring data, and individual research projects will require assistance in various ways. Photographers with good telephoto lenses are always welcome. If you have skills in any area, want to help a good cause and have time to spare contact GMR through our contacts page and we will see if we can use your talents (we don’t have any openings for rocket scientists at the moment though).

We need volunteers during the July to December whale migrations. We try to have a minimum of 2 people at Cape Naturaliste observing the passage of whales, identifying the species and composition of the pods and recording all of this. To volunteer simply come to and express your interest. We are looking for people with good eyesight, a pair of binoculars, and a willingness to commit to turn up for a minimum of an hour on a regular weekly basis. Or contact GMR through the contacts page on this website. We will train volunteers, mostly by “osmosis” – we will pair you with an experienced volunteer, and over a period of several weeks you will be taught the basics.

humpback tail fluke

There are other opportunities for volunteers.

Are you very familiar with Facebook and other social media. Not just posting messages, but Facebook advertising, Google SEO, Google Ads and so on. Do you have data entry skills? Do you have IT skills. Do you have any skills that you think may be useful for researchers. Let us know.

If you think you can help then please email volunteer (at)

If you have tried to contact us in the past, and not been successful – we apologise. We have fixed (hopefully) the typo in the email address above, so please try again..

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