The blow of the blue whale stands out in the early morning.

We appreciate your support to help us research marine life in a region that to this day continues to be relatively pristine.

Help us apply cutting edge technology to provide answers for those entrusted with managing the recovery of these endangered species that travel up and down the West Australian coast.

  • Some of the questions that need to be answered (and the research that may help provide the answers) are:
  • What is the population size, and distribution? (Monitoring, aerial surveys, DNA sampling)
  • Where do they go, and come from? (Satellite tagging, aerial surveys, acoustic monitoring)
  • Is the population increasing and at what rate? (Monitoring, aerial surveys)
  • Are the whales in good condition? (Photogrammetry, monitoring, drone photography)
  • Are they affected by recreational vessels approaching them? (Monitoring, theodolite tracking, acoustic monitoring)

And many more. These are all expensive and we need your help.

Geographe Marine Research is a registered Australian charity. It has a CSIRO approved research committee to manage the research it conducts, and has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR status) from the Australian Tax Office.

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