Our Research Committee

Dr. Capri Beck

Doctor of Philosophy Applied Physics (Bioacoustics)

As a bio-acoustician with 10 years’ experience, Capri has a profound knowledge of marine mammal acoustics and behaviour. Capri has extensive experience in government regulatory roles at both the state and federal level specialising in policy and guidance development for marine mammal conservation and environmental impact assessment for coastal developments, wind farms and the offshore petroleum industry.  Capri is also an Adjunct Research Fellow with Curtin University and a peer reviewer and mentor in the marine mammal fields. Specialising in blue whale bioacoustics and behaviour, she is passionate about bridging the science-policy gap. Capri combined her experience in environmental regulation and policy development undertake research that meets end user needs and leads to better environmental management and improved species conservation outcomes. She has exceptional teaching and mentoring skills and is the head of our Research Team!

David Kerr

CEO of the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury

David has managed a business consultancy for over 30 years with a diverse client base nationally across a range of industry sectors. For the last ten years he has overseen the redesign and redevelopment of the Dolphin Discovery Centre, a not for profit social enterprise focussed on conservation, education and research. He is particularly interested in the social value and provision of nature-based experiences in urban environments and the catalytic impact tourism can have on regional economies.

Emily Evans

Marine & Environmental Scientist

Emily is a marine and environmental scientist with seven years of professional experience in marine science, research, and a variety of environmental consulting roles. She has a sound understanding of risk-based environmental impact assessment and enjoy working in a team to achieve positive environmental outcomes. Emily has research experience in marine mammal passive acoustic monitoring, population assessments using photo-identification and non-invasive mark-recapture methods, and vessel-based visual surveys. She is particularly interested in underwater acoustics, marine mammal ecology and behaviour, habitat modelling, and ecosystem management. Emily is currently a PhD Candidate studying Minke whale acoustics in Australia and is the founder of the Minke Whale Project WA.

Aurelie Labbe

PhD (marine ornithology)

Aurelie has a strong background in marine ecology and environmental science. Adaptable and driven, Aurelie’s has been involved in many multi-disciplinary conservation projects across many NGOs and government departments, including humpback whale surveys, seabird ecology research, black rat eradication and coastal revegetation projects. Aurelie’s is a seabird expert and her extensive research experience has seen her travel the world to work on remote islands in all kinds of adverse and sometimes smelly conditions. Aurelie hopes to use her knowledge of marine megafauna, and contacts from the western Indian Ocean to further research carried out by GMR.

Ian Wiese

B. Science and Commerce

Ian is also Chair/Director of GMR. As a retired IT developer with more than 50 years of industry experience, including programming, systems design, database design, engineering simulation and SCADA systems involving instrumentation, communications and real time software he has worked with the Western Australian Water Corporation developing IT systems and managing projects.  Ian also has successfully completed international consulting assignments in Abu Dhabi, London and Calgary. Ian has developed a keen interest in cetaceans in Geographe Bay, utilising his IT experience to assist with research. He is currently developing a Lidar based system for small drones for photogrammetry of whales.