Our Team (Board of Directors)

Director/Chair: Ian Wiese Dunsborough based Ian is a retired IT developer with more than 50 years of industry experience, including programming, systems design, database design, engineering simulation and SCADA systems involving instrumentation, communications and real time software.  He has worked with the Western Australian Water Corporation developing IT systems and managing projects.  Ian also has successfully completed international consulting assignments in Abu Dhabi, London and Calgary.  Since retiring to Dunsborough, he has developed a keen interest in cetaceans in Geographe Bay, utilising his IT experience to assist with research.  Ian is currently developing a Lidar based system for small drones for photogrammetry of whales.

Director: Frank Eckler Dunsborough area based Frank Eckler has extensive experience in supporting natural and environmental activities in Germany.  An Economics graduate, he became interested in the whale migration through Geographe Bay while holidaying in Western Australia’s South West.  He has been a volunteer whale monitor since 2016, and has become more active supporting whale research since moving permanently to Australia in 2019 and initiated GMR. Frank was inaugural chair from beginning and assign it to Ian in 2022.

Director/Treasurer: Rodney Peterson Bunbury based businessman Rodney is a South West local, brought up in Harvey.  He has been visiting the Naturaliste region for most of his life and is a passionate supporter of programmes to research and protect whales.  He has been a volunteer whale monitor at Point Picquet for many years. Rodney also has been involved the leadership of local sporting club groups as part of his commitment to the South West community.

Director: Glenda Kirkby Dunsborough area based Glenda is a retired IT business analysis consultant who cut her teeth in IT 45 years ago as a developer. Glenda clearly remembers seeing her first whale at the age of four, a rare sight in those times, and it left a lasting impression. Having lived on both coasts of the United States, and in Papua New Guinea, Glenda deeply values the magnificent environment of Geographe Bay and it’s surrounds. She brings a wealth of experience in public speaking, workshop facilitation and qualifications in project management and change management.