• Assoc. Prof. Chandra P Salgado Kent, B.Sc (Biology), MSc (Marine Biology), PhD (Marine Ecology).
  • Prof. Gary Kendrick, B.Sc (Geology/Botany), MSc. (preliminary) (Botany), MSc (Botany), Ph.D. (Botany)
  • Chris Burton B.Sc. (Zoology)
  • Dr Peter Morrison, B.Sc Honours ( Marine Biology), M.Sc (Environmental Physiology), PhD (Zoology)
  • Susan Morrison, B.Sc  Honours ( Zoology) , MSc  (Fish Anatomy)    
  • Ian Wiese, B.Sc (Math), Dip Comp, B.Commerce.

The Research Committee evaluates the merits of proposed research programs and determines how any research funds held are applied to research purposes.

In addition the Research Committee are responsible for nurturing the talents of researchers working under their control, guiding them and assisting them through the long and difficult process of publishing the results of their research.

Dr Peter Morrison BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

Peter was a Marine Science Practice Leader and Senior Associate employed by Sinclair Knight Merz, until his retirement in 2015 after working for over 20 years as an environmental consultant.  Peter’s consulting experience has involved environmental assessments of seagrass meadows, coral reefs, temperate reefs and deepwater soft sediment habitats.  He has been involved in designing water and sediment quality monitoring programs as well as biological monitoring programs.  He has also been involved in very large Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Management Plans for port developments and in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Gary Kendrick

Gary is a marine plant ecologist who is passionate about understanding how we both can protect and use our rich marine environments. He has multiple interests including biodiversity and ecology of temperate and tropical reefs and seagrass ecology, conservation and restoration of marine foundation species, and educating people about coastal and marine ecosytems.  

Assoc. Prof. Chandra P Salgado Kent,B.Sc (Biology), MSc (Marine Biology), PhD (Marine Ecology).

Chandra is a marine ecologist and bio-acoustician working in a wide range of conservation and management topics. Chandra draws from her complementary roles as an Associate Professor at Edith Cowan University and Director of Oceans Blueprint in a creative approach to making positive change in conservation science. Overall, Chandra’s career in marine related research spans 20 years, in which she has worked in a diversity of fields including mangrove forest restoration, wildlife ranging from crustaceans to baleen whales, and impacts of human activities on marine animals. As a recognised expert in her field, Chandra regularly advises national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations and industries on innovative research methods, analytical approaches, and the status, threats and management of wildlife. She coordinates and manages a wide range of projects and supervises honours, masters, and PhD students. Chandra has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers; over 40 conference/workshop presentations; and over 80 technical reports. She has also been on television, radio, or in newspapers over 70 times.

Chris Burton B.Sc. (Zoology)

Mr Chris Burton has been involved in cetacean research in Western Australia since 1985. Chris has conducted vessel based research over several decades, collecting behavioural, acoustic, photo-id, distribution and abundance data on humpback, southern right and blue whales in WA. In 2003 Chris began a land based research project to monitor these species in Geographe Bay and invited a local Landcare group to involve community members in 2004. From this ongoing work a number of collaborative projects have evolved, including blue whale genetics sampling, theodolite tracking and acoustic data logging. Chris has designed and coordinated aerial surveys for blue whales from Rottnest Island to Cape Naturaliste and for humpback whales in Shark Bay. After forming his own company in 2003, he provided marine fauna observer services to the Oil and Gas industry for 15 years, collecting behavioural and spatial data on cetaceans in Australian and international waters. Chris has participated in three international marine mammal research programs in the Southern Ocean and Heard Island. He has also contributed advice to various state and federal government departments on marine parks and bioregions in Australian waters.

Ian Wiese, B.Sc (Math), Dip Comp, B.Commerce.

Ian is a retired IT developer with over 50 years experience in the industry. Ian’s IT experience includes programming, systems design, database design, engineering simulation, SCADA systems (involving instrumentation, communications as well as real time software), and project management. Ian was responsible for establishing the Water Corporation’s SCADA capability, and project managed projects such as the automation of the Perth-Kalgoorlie pipeline and Perth’s trunk main network. Ian has also successfully completed a number of international consulting assignments in Abu Dhabi, London, and Calgary. Since retirement he developed an interest in research into cetaceans at Geographe Bay and is currently developing a Lidar based system for small drones for photogrammetry of whales.  

Sue Morrison

Sue Morrison is a marine biologist with a degree in Zoology from the University of Bristol, UK and an MSc in fish histology from the University of WA. After 12 years working at UWA, she spent over 20 years working as Collection Manager/Curator in the Fish section of Aquatic Zoology at the WA Museum. The latter position enabled Sue to indulge in her passion for all living marine life. The work took her to remote locations in the offshore Kimberley region, including many places which had never been surveyed before. This, combined with a love of underwater photography, led to being a co-author of research papers and reports, plus several popular books on marine life. All these experiences have given Sue an understanding of the vital importance of long-term scientific monitoring in underpinning successful marine conservation planning, and for the management of sustainable fisheries and recreational activities.

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